LED flex strip warm white 300LED 30W IP65

Professional LED strip with warm white light for applications in rooms with high humidity. LED flexible strip sold in full 5m rolls. The LED strip is most often used as decorative lighting, accent lighting or as lighting. The ability to mount the LED strip in the aluminium profile allows you to obtain a decorative effect and expand the possibilities of mounting LED strips.

Product description:

• Application: for wet rooms
• Symbol: HQ283560LED6WWWWPN
• Colour temperature: warm white, 2700K - 3200K
• Protection level: IP65
• Power supply 12Vdc +/- 5%
• Power consumption 6W / 1m
• Power consumption 0.5A / 1m
• Diodes Type diodes 2835
• Colour of light WW warm white 2.7-3kK
• Brightness WW - 320lm / m, 53lm / W
• CRI ≥75
• Number of LEDs 300 pcs / 5m 60 pcs./1
• An angle of 115 °
• A spacing of diodes 16.7mm
• A lifetime of 50,000 LEDs hours
• Flexible PCB
• Ground colour: White
• 3M adhesive tape
• The possibility of cutting every 50mm

• Length 5000mm
• Width10mm
• Height 3mm
• Connecting Two-core cable 15cm

• Working temperature -25 ~ + 60oC
• Storage temperature -25 ~ + 70oC

larger discounts with larger orders.

Proposed power supply up to 5m GPV-35

Proposed power supply up to 10m GPV-60

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