DMX RDM Controller - XEMITY-RDM 3x2,5A CV J493



Product description:

XEMITY-512 CV 3CH is a three-channel controller equipped with DMX ports, adapted to work with constant voltage LED light sources. This controller allows you to turn on/off, change the intensity on the selected channel. 

The controller is characterized by easy addressable dip-switch and wires connection
by screw terminals. On special request available is flicker-free or up to 32
channels versions. Thanks to the DMX protocol, the controller can be effectively
used over long distances and in noisy electrical environments. These controllers
are often used to illuminate fountains, stages or museums.

This controller has an option of supporting the bi-directional RDM
protocol. Thanks to RDM, the controller can send information to the
transmitter and can change the starting address according to its request.

•    Control by DMX signal
•    DMX IN/OUT ports
•    Common anode
•    Address configuration by dip-switch

Technical data:

Maximum output current: 2,5A/channel
Maximum  output power: 180 W
Power consumption: < 0,4 W
Power supply type: Constant Voltage (CV)
PWM frequency: 480 Hz, 16 bits
Power supply voltage: 11 - 26 V DC
Connection type: Screw Terminals
Ambient temperature    0-40°C

Dimensions (LxWxH):  65x27,5 x12,8mm

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