CONSTANT CURRENT POWER SUPPLY for LED OTi DALI 60/220-240/550DLT2L 120-550mA 54-240V

OTi DALI 60 / 220-240 / 550 D LT2 L
The value of the output current is regulated by mounting a resistor with the appropriate resistance (according to the datasheet).

Electrical data
Rated input voltage:220 ... 240 V
Line frequency: 0/50/60 Hz Hz
Input voltage, alternating current:198 ... 264 V
Input voltage, direct current:176 ... 276 V
Current set: Programmable
Total harmonic distortion: <10%
Power factor: λ> 0.95
Efficiency EUZ: ≤93%
Power losses: 5,0 W
Power losses in standby: <0.25 W
Protective conductor: <0.5 mA
Initial inrush current: 25 A
Max. SE with fuse 10 A: 13
Maximum number of SEs for circuit breaker 16 A: 24
Maximum number of SEs with a safety of 25 A (B): 37
Resistance to nap. Impact: (L / N-earth) 2 kV
Impact resistance: (L-N) 1 kV
Rated output voltage: 54 ... 240 V
U-OUT (operating voltage): <250 V
Rated output current: 120 ... 550 mA
Output current tolerance: ± 3%
A frequency of the output current (100 Hz): <1%
Rated power: 6,4 ... 60 W
Galvanic isolation: Non-isolated

Dimensions and weight
Length: 280 mm
Width: 30.0 mm
Height: 21.0 mm
A distance of assembly holes, length: 270 mm
Product weight: 205.00 g
Wire cross-section, input side: 0.5 ... 1.5 mm²
Wire cross-section, outlet side: 0.5 ... 1.5 mm²
Cable length, input side: 8,5 ... 9.5 mm
Cable length, output side: 8,5 ... 9.5 mm

Temperatures and working conditions
Ambient temperature range: -25 ... + 60 ° C
Max. Temp. At the measuring point: tc75 ° C
Max. Housing temperature: 110 ° C
Relative humidity: 5 ... 85%

Durability SE: 50000 h

Additional product data
Housing (with admixtures) No.
Programming interface: DALI capabilities
Dimming: Yes
DALI dimmable interface
Dimmable interface: Touch DIM
Dimmable interface: Touch DIM Sensor
Adjustment range: 1 ... 100%
Adjustment method: Full analogue dimming
A constant level of luminous flux: Programability / Programmable
Overheat protection.: Automatically reversible
Overload protection.: Automatically reversible
Short circuit protection.: Automatically reversible
Without protection przeciwprzeciążeniowego: Tak
Max. Length of wires for the lamp/module LED: 2.0 m
Suitable for luminaires with protection class: I
Suitable for emergency lighting.: Yes
Connection type, on the output side

Certificates and Standards
Marks of the research station
Marks of the research station EL
The characters of the research station ENEC 10
The signs of the VDE-EMC research station
Characters of the CCC research station
Characters of RCM research stations
NormyWg. EN 61347-1 / Wg. EN 61347-2-13 / Wg. EN 55015 / Wg. EN 61547 / Wg. EN 61000-3-2 / Wg. EN 62384 / Acc. to EN 62386
Protection type: IP20

Datasheet for download OTi DALI 60/220-240/550 D LT2 L

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