CONSTANT CURRENT POWER SUPPLY for LED OT FIT 120/220-240/750DLT2L 250-700mA 54-216V

OT FIT 120 / 220-240 / 750 D LT2 L
The value of the output current is regulated by mounting a resistor with the appropriate resistance (according to the datasheet).

Electrical data
Rated input voltage:220 ... 240 V
Line frequency: 0/50/60 Hz Hz
Input voltage, alternating current:198 ... 264 V
Input voltage, direct current:176 ... 276 V
Current set:LEDset
Total harmonic distortion: <5%
Power factor: λ> 0.99
Efficiency EUZ:≤93%
Power losses:12 W
Initial inrush current: 70 A
Max. SE with fuse: 10 A8
The maximum number of SE per switch: 16 A13
Maximum number of SEs with a safety of 25 A (B) -
Resistance to nap. Impact: (L / N-earth) 2 kV
Impact resistance: (L-N) 1 kV
Rated output voltage:54 ... 216 V
U-OUT (operating voltage): <250 V
Rated output current:250 ... 700 mA
Output current tolerance: ± 5%
A frequency of the output current (100 Hz): <1%
Rated power: 13.5 ... 120 W
Galvanic isolation: Non-isolated

Dimensions and weight
Length: 360.0 mm
Width: 30.0 mm
Height: 21.0 mm
A distance of mounting holes, length: 350 mm
Product weight: 290.00 g
Wire cross-section, input side: 0.5 ... 1.5 mm²
Wire cross-section, outlet side: 0.5 ... 1.5 mm²
Cable length, input side: 8,5 ... 9.5 mm
Cable length, output side: 8,5 ... 9.5 mm

Temperatures and working conditions
Ambient temperature range: -25 ... + 50 ° C
Max. Temp. At the measuring point: tc75 ° C
Max. Housing temperature: 110 ° C
Relative humidity: 5 ... 85%

Durability SE: 50000 h

Additional product data
Housing (with admixtures): No.
Dimming options: No
Overheat protection.: Automatically reversible
Overload protection.: Automatically reversible
Short circuit protection.: Yes
Without protection przeciwprzeciążeniowegoTak
Max. Length of wires for the lamp/module LED: 2.0 m
Suitable for luminaires with protection class: I
Suitable for emergency lighting.: Yes
Connection type, on the output side

Certificates and Standards
Marks of the research station
Marks of the research station EL
The signs of the VDE-EMC research station
The characters of the research station ENEC 10
Characters of the CCC research station
Characters of RCM research stations
NormyWg. EN 61347-1 / Wg. EN 61347-2-13 / Wg. EN 62384 / Wg. EN 61000-3-2 / Wg. EN 61000-3-3 / Wg. EN 61547
Safety class: I
Protection type: IP20

Datasheet for download OT FIT 120/220-240/750 D LT2 L

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