Universal Dimmer - Strip Dimmer TW 2x0,7A CC L485

Strip Dimmer TW CC 700

Article number: LWSTDIML485-2X0,7A-CCDW

Product description:

StripDimmer Dynamic White is a two-channel controller equipped with universal control ports, adapted to work with constant current LED light sources. This controller allows you to turn on/off, change the intensity or color temperature by switch or controller by a sensor.

The controller has PWM and serial input/output so the drivers can be controlled from another (master) controller. This solution is very cost-effective and allows us to create large-area lighting installations. There is also power output and signal input for an external sensor such as C-touch, M-Touch, or Proximity. It is possible to connect many sensors parallel to one driver.

• Control by an external switch, potentiometer, 1-10V
• Possibility to connect couple controllers
• Connection switches in parallel available
• Soft dimming
• Automatic saving of parameters before switching off

Technical data:
Recommended operating voltage range 12-24 V DC
Absolute maximum rated voltage range 8–27 V DC
Maximum output current: 700 mA / ch
Number of output channels: 2
Maximum output power: 16,8 W.
Calibration method: automatic
Power consumption: <0,4 W.
Connection method: Screws Terminals
Max. Ambient temperature: 40 ° C

Dimensions (LxWxH): 70x27,5x15,5 mm

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