Dimmer for LED ProxiNeo 3A proximity for alu profiles

ProxiNeo 1x3A L404

Product description:

Driver for single-colour tapes controlled by 1-channel proximity. LED lighting driver used for LED strips, LED modules and other LED light sources powered by 5-26VDC. The controller requires power from the power supply with the appropriate voltage and power corresponding to the maximum power consumed by the tape (but not exceeding the maximum power of the controller) connected to it. The controller detects the movement of the hand at a distance of ~ 50mm from the sensor also through the opal cover of the aluminium profile for LEDs.

Technical data:
- Input voltage: 5VDC - 26VDC
- Maximum output current: 3A/channel
- Number of output channels: 1
- Maximum output power: (12VDC)36W or (24VDC)72W
- Motion detection range: ~50mm
- Calibration method: automatic
- Power consumption: < 0,4 W
- Connection method: solder pads
- Max. Ambient temperature: 40oC

Shifting with your hand turns the light on or off
Holding the hand above the signalling diode increases or decreases the brightness
After setting the brightness level, holding the hand again will cause the reverse brightness change.

Dimensions (LxWxH):  35x10x4mm

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