Controller for LED RGB Mini IR 3ch

Product description:

LED lighting driver for RGB (multicolour) LED strips, LED modules and other 12VDC LED light sources. Infrared remote control included.

Infrared control
Working temperature: -20ºC to + 60ºC
Supply voltage: 12V
Maximum output current: 6A (2A / channel)
Connector: common anode
Product dimensions: length / width / height: 62x35x23mm
Net weight: 50g

The controller allows you to obtain different colours of luminous RGB LED tapes or modules.
12 defined colours
button with the WHITE colour
the ability to set your own, (DIY button)
4 dynamic programs:
/ FLASH - fast, step colour change
/ STROBE - slow, step colour change
/ FADE - smooth colour change
/ SMOOTH - slow colour change

The ability to reduce and increase brightness. Battery for the remote control included.

To supply the controller you need a 2.1x5.5 DC plug

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