Controller for LED MW-CTR-RGB-6A-02 RC CV 3ch

Product description:

Driver for RGB strips 3 channel radio controlled (remote control incl.). LED lighting driver for RGB (multicolour) LED strips, LED modules and other LED light sources powered 12-24VDC. The controller requires power from the power supply with the appropriate voltage and power corresponding to the maximum power consumed by the tape (but not exceeding the maximum power of the controller) connected to it.


Technical data:
- Input voltage: 12VDC - 24VDC
- Maximum output current: 6A / channel
- Number of output channels: 3 (R, G, B)
- Maximum output power: (12VDC) 216W or (24VDC) 432W

Dynamic programs:
1. Static red colour
2. Static green colour
3. Static blue colour
4. Static yellow colour
5. Static violet colour
6. Static sea blue colour
7. Static white color (created in R + G + B)
8. A jumping change of three colours
9. A jumping change of seven colours
10. Smudging in three colours
11. Flow in three colours
12. Smudging in seven colours
13. Flow in seven colours
14. Three coloured flashes - flashes
15. Seven colourful flashes - flashes
16. Three coloured blinks - shot
17. Seven colourful blinks - shot
18. Automatic mode

A configuration of buttons in the remote control:
Touch circle - obtaining a solid colour.
Buttons in a circle - changing the dynamic program up or down (1-18).
Buttons with an asterisk - change the level of brightness at a static colour or change the speed in dynamic programs.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 83x79x33mm

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